Top Automazioni specialized of the construction of automatic loaders, is unique in the world, thanks to the innovation of our products achieved in years of work and sacrifices.

In 2001 they patented the first loader with 100% automatic bar diameter change system in just 60 seconds.

Top Automazioni has successfully obtained the Ethicjobs Workplace Ethics Excellence Certification.

Its employees have completed a questionnaire with the aim of bringing out their sincere thinking and feedback about every aspect of the work in the company.
The aim of the Ethicjobs report is to highlight what is perceived by employees in the workplace; revealing the greatest strengths and weaknesses on which to intervene, increasing business performance and providing the tools to improve socially and economically.

Ethicjobs Benefit Company L.l.c.
Corso Augusto 62
47921 Rimini (RN) – Italy
VAT: 04304160403

Office opening hours:
Mon. Fri. 9 a.m. – 7 p.m.

Are you a company that wants to increase your productivity?

One of the most effective methods is to improve the quality of employees’ work. Have you ever done an analysis to know exactly how your employees work?
Ethicjobs was born for this. We have a custom tool and created by us, which allows you to be recognized on the market as an ethical employer.

We measure the well-being of workers, certify ethical companies, increase the brand reputation of companies and improve business performance through tangible and measurable data.




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