Frequently asked questions

How does Ethicjobs work?

The Ethicjobs evaluation process directly asks employees to assess their working conditions. Next, our system weights and computes the results using a proprietary algorithm and generates votes on 5 macro areas divided into 20 sections.
At the same time, the detailed Work Sentiment Report is automatically generated, which is part of the company’s paid offer, along with the right to show and use the Ethicjobs Certificate of Ethics Excellence.

Where do I go to fill out the questionnaire for my company?

Once your company has entered the necessary data in to our database you will get an email with the link to fill out the questionnaire.

What is the ``Questionnaire`` page?

It is a page that describes the areas analyzed by our survey. In addition, there is a special button that gives you the opportunity to do a pure simulation test, not validating, of the questionnaire of the quality of work. You will then be asked for your company name and an email address to send the sign-in link to.

What is the Be Ethic/Process page?

If you are a company and are interested in starting the official evaluation process, this is the page for you. To take advantage of the Ethicjobs service you can register by filling out the form on the Be Ethic page and enter the list of your employees’ emails in the reserved area.
Next, with a simple activation key, unique access links to the full questionnaire will be sent to all employees.

The entire process of evaluating and analyzing results submitted by employees is free. Partial results will be available on your reserved area.

What can I do in the ``Area Riservata``

If you are a company that wants to start the evaluation process, this area allows you to register and start the Ethicjobs process. Other functions include downloading the report, monitoring the progress of the evaluation, the percentage of builds and the entry of employee emails.
Here the data initially entered in the registration form can be modified and updated.

The evaluation period is over. What now?

We will provide the company representative, within the reserved area, a preview with the votes that the company received for each of the macro areas investigated in the questionnaire.

The contact person will then be contacted by our team to discuss the possible purchase of the report and the Ethicjobs certificate.

Who guarantees that the process is anonymous?

To ensure the anonymity of respondents, all links to the questionnaire will be unique, untracked and visible exclusively to our team.

Ethicjobs guarantees the protection of shared data under GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation – EUROPEAN Regulation 2016/679).

Who can I get in touch with if I encounter any trouble?

For help, please email us, we’d love to respond and help.

What is the validity of this service?

The service is valid for one year with the possibility of annual renewal at a reduced price.